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the builders ryan gradziel

Ryan Gradziel

Ryan embarked on his journey in the building industry at 15. From family projects to working for a local general contractor, he started his path as an entrepreneur, establishing his first company at 19. At 24, Ryan was approached by an associate Dean at Humber College. After a short interview, Ryan was asked to help Humber College start a Home Renovation program. During a 14-year career at Humber, Ryan helped mould and guide hundreds of students, instilling in them the importance of accountability, punctuality, and hard work.

the builders ryan brown

Tyler Brown

Tyler boasts over 15 years of industry experience. His dedication to excellence and craftsmanship shines through in every project. With a background in construction from Humber College, Tyler brings innovative solutions to each job, exceeding industry standards. Tyler has taught in Humber College's Home Renovation and Construction program for over four years. His mission is to continue elevating Oaklea Homes as a leader in residential construction, driven by his commitment to quality and integrity.

Our paths first crossed at Humber College in the construction program in 2010. As instructors, we taught various courses, from business management to estimating, framing a house, and everything. Fast-forward a few years, we aligned our skill sets and passion for custom builds and launched Oaklea Homes in 2012. In the same way that we have instilled the importance of open communication, transparency, and accountability in our students, we have applied these same principles in our business, resulting in a better building experience for home and cottage owners.

Our mandate centers on a challenging goal: changing the builder-client relationship, one home at a time. With their multifaceted skill sets and unwavering dedication guiding them, Oaklea has grown into a well-known and respected builder within the industry.

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Craftsmanship and Commitment
At Oaklea Homes, our drive and dedication continually push us towards the forefront of our industry. Staying on top of building codes, working with cutting-edge materials, and utilizing industry-leading technology allows us to surpass the “builder’s standard.”

Our commitment to excellence goes beyond technical expertise. With a goal to change the perception of home builders, we provide direct and honest communication, create, and build thoughtful designs, and use quality materials and superior craftsmanship connected with real-world knowledge to achieve that.

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Passion and Precision 
We are incredibly fortunate to be allowed to create exceptional homes and cottages that combine meaningful design with premium-quality products that will last a lifetime. Our passion for crafting unique homes and cottages, alongside our unwavering commitment to providing unparalleled customer service, motivates us to deliver nothing but the best.

Communication and Collaboration
We understand how stressful it can be to communicate effectively with your builder once construction begins and the building process is underway. That is why we have made it our mandate to be available to collaborate with our clients as a team at every stage of the build. As a result, regardless of which of us picks up your call, you will be talking directly to someone with a comprehensive understanding of your build, your process, and the vision you're trying to bring to life. We know that when we listen, we empower clients.

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Our mission is simple: change the builder-client relationship, one home at a time.

Plan in 2024.

Build in 2025.

Ryan and Tyler were great to work with. Both helped and guided us through the process of building a custom home from the pre planning stage right through to the final stages. Whatever ideas we came up with to further customize an already beautiful home were never too much and they made them happen - effortlessly. The end result was a beautifully built rustic home that became our dream home. Ryan and Tyler went far beyond our expectations. We were very, very happy in the end and would not hesitate to recommend Oaklea homes to anyone considering a similar project. Oaklea Homes will always be our choice should we build again. We would definitely work with them again.

~ Nick Cosentino