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our build process

Conceptual Phase

During the conceptual phase, we meet with homeowners several times to gather information, present design options, and gather feedback on the layout and design decisions. We also ensure compliance with all applicable building codes and regulations before presenting the final design for approval. Our commitment to maintaining open and regular communication throughout the process keeps homeowners informed about any progress or changes.
our build process

Practical Phase

In the practical phase, we establish and provide estimates and breakdowns of cost, draft clear and comprehensive construction contracts, and ensure all necessary permits and legal requirements are obtained. This helps to ensure that the construction process is smooth and hassle-free for our clients.

Action Phase

During the action phase, we implement the approved conceptual designs and begin construction, providing regular homeowner progress updates and site visits to keep homeowners informed. Our rigorous quality control processes include regular inspections to ensure adherence to design and standards. We promptly and transparently address any unexpected issues that may arise.
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Post-Construction Phase

The post-construction phase is just as important to us at Oaklea Homes. We offer a warranty period to address any potential issues that may come up after we hand over the keys. We also provide guidance on maintenance and care for the new home or cottage, ensuring our clients can enjoy their new space for generations.

Building Timeline

1.  Initial Consultation

  • Collaborate with the homeowners to understand their vision.
  • Review the budget.
  • Understand timeline requirements.
  • Advise the homeowners on realistic expectations.

2. Property Evaluations

  • Conduct a land search to find a suitable property.
  • Walk the property to envision the build.
  • Complete a feasibility consultation to ensure compliance with municipal regulations such as shoreline, road allowance, green space, and dark sky.

3.  Conceptual Design

  • Establish design and timeline requirements and preferences with the homeowners and the design team.
  • Review and sign contracts and proceed with the concept.
  • Develop a conceptual design based on the homeowners' requirements.
  • Present design options and gather feedback for revisions.
  • Review the budget to ensure adherence.

4.  Detailed Design

  • Refine the chosen concept into detailed plans.
  • Incorporate architectural, structural considerations and land feasibility assessment.
  • Ensure compliance with local building codes, regulations and green development standards.
  • Finalize product selection.
  • Review budget and adjust expenses accordingly.

5.  Client Approval

  • Present the final design to the homeowners for approval.
  • Address any concerns and make necessary adjustments.

6.  Budgeting and Cost determination phase

  • Collects bids from suppliers to establish “firm” build cost.
  • Provide a detailed cost summary for the entire project.
  • Provide a detailed breakdown of finish allowances for the project.

7.  Legalities And construction timelines

  • Present a clear and comprehensive construction contract and schedule.

8.  Construction Phase

  • Obtain all necessary permits and legal requirements.
  • Update homeowners on the progress regularly.
  • Conduct site visits with the homeowners to keep them well-informed.
  • Address any unexpected issues promptly and transparently.

9.  Quality Control

  • Implement a rigorous quality control process during construction.
  • Execute regular home inspections to ensure adherence to design and standards.

10.  Completion and Handover

  • Complete a thorough inspection of the finished project.
    Address any remaining concerns or touch-ups.
    Provide the homeowners with all the necessary documentation.

11.  Post-Construction Support

  • Offer a warranty period for any potential issues.
  • Guide the homeowners through post-construction maintenance and care.
  • Maintain open and regular communication with the homeowners.

Plan in 2024.

Build in 2025.

After speaking with several builders, we chose Oaklea Homes to build our first custom home.

Ryan & Tyler were very involved in the entire process from start to finish. Drawing from experience, they made many helpful suggestions to improve on our design plans.

They are hands on builders who take pride in the homes they build and the attention to quality & detail shows throughout.

We are very happy with our home and wouldn't hesitate to recommend Oaklea Homes to anyone looking to build their custom dream home. They will certainly be our first call should we decide to build again.

~ Mike & Katrina